Procedure to replace a zfs on root disk (zroot)

FreeBSD Jan 27, 2021

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The procedure, as typed, for replacing ada2 with ada8:

# gpart backup ada2 | gpart restore -F ada8

# zpool replace zroot /dev/ada2p3 /dev/ada8p3 (wait for resilver checking via "zpool status")

# swapoff /dev/ada2p2

# swapon /dev/ada8p2 ( verify via swapinfo )

If the size of the new disk is different it is better instead of gpart backup/restore step do:

# zpool set autoexpand=on zroot

# gpart show

# gpart create -s gpt ada8

# gpart add -a 4k -s 512k -t freebsd-boot -l gptboot2 ada8

# gpart add  -a 4k -s ‪4G ‬ -t freebsd-swap -l zfs2 ada8

# gpart add -a 4k -t freebsd-zfs -l zfs2 ada8


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